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Outstanding Deli Meats: Corned Beef Bottom Round

Corned Beef Bottom Round

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Quick Facts

Corned Beef – A Fighting Meat!
“During the Napoleonic wars, the British army was supplied principally with corned beef which was cured in and exported from the port of Cork."
Bottoms Up!
What Makes Our Bottom Rounds Taste Extra Special?
  1. Hand Made: We select, trim and cure by hand each Bottom Round to perfection!
  2. Extended Cure Time: We never rush the curing process. We mandate every piece of meat cures for the proper amount of time, so you and your customers will enjoy the best possible flavor, in every bite.
  3. No Tumbling Here! While others reduce cost by pulling extra moisture into their meats, we don’t. Tumbling causes the meat to become spongy and retain unnecessary water.
  4. Outstanding Customer Service! Let us provide the most satisfying cut of beef you want, custom trimmed and individually selected to your specifications.

For a leaner alternative to brisket or navel, try our Cooked Corned Beef Rounds. Hand made with Nations Best® family recipes dating back to 1922, our Bottom Rounds are known for being a leaner cut with exceptional tenderness.

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