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    Our Story

    Nations Best® Cigars? Yes. But only for a short while.

    In 1913, Sandor Rosner arrived at Ellis Island. He brought an entrepreneurial spirit, along with expert knowledge in curing and smoking meats in Eastern Europe, a taste for fine food and a passion for quality of life.

    In 1922, with a treasure chest of traditional, kosher meat recipes that Sandor had used in the Old Country, Sandor began manufacturing and smoking kosher deli meats.

    Authentic New York Deli

    The Authentic New York Deli was born as a result of a wave of immigration to New York during the turn of the 20th Century.

    With this wave came Germans, Polish, Hungarians (like Sandor,) Romanians and Russians, many of Jewish heritage, who had a love of great food and a yearning for their traditional recipes.

    Rosner’s Kosher Meat Products, Inc.

    In 1922, Rosner’s Kosher Meat Products, Inc. was launched in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Delicatessen offerings were becoming an important thread in the fabric of New York’s culture.

    With roots in New York’s Lower East Side, “deli” owners, like the Rosners, used their experience and training in curing and smoking meats, to bring the amazing taste and perfected quality that we see in Nations Best® traditional recipes today.

    Three Generations of Experience

    The passion to create the best deli meats was passed on to Sandor’s son, Murray, who got involved in the business at an early age. He, too, apprenticed his young son, Ira, to learn everything from the “bottom” up.

    Flash Forward

    In 1978, after serving in the military, Ira’s entrepreneurial vision helped him identify a market opportunity for people who loved kosher deli meat, but were not kosher. He started Nations Best® Delicatessen Meat Company on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, at 525 East 5th Street, honoring his grandfather’s legacy and continuing the family tradition, with Sandor’s traditional recipes and his quality approach that was started here in 1922.

    A few years later, Nations Best® was among the pioneers who moved to Hunt’s Point Meat Market, where we are still located today.

    Our Wonderful Team

    Today, our team of five partners and a wonderful, dedicated staff work together to continue the tradition of capturing what New York Deli is all about… and making Nations Best® the best in the nation!

    Our Nations Best® team is dedicated to working with you, our customers, to consistently deliver excellence. Please do not hesitate to contact us, to help you in any way we can. We look forward to working together.


    To Better Service You!

    As corned beef and pastrami lovers moved away from NYC, Nations Best® began supplying authentic New York-style deli meat to share and savor with others in new delis, restaurants and foodservice establishments across the country.

    To better service customers nationwide, and to respond to the growing demand for our many quality offerings, Nations Best® has been expanding through corporate acquisition and product line extensions.

    Providing Hundreds of Items Nationally

    In addition to our quality deli meats, Nations Best® supplies a wide range of items, from deli condiments to hundreds of other wholesale meat and poultry products, including terrific tasting hamburgers. See Nations Best® Catalog for details.

    Available for shipping in Nations Best® trucks or through one of our distributors.

    As a result, Nations Best® has become synonymous with the finest New York deli meats across the country.